No Fish Fry

We Bengalis are very sentimental about our fish. We eat fish like every day and if given a choice then in every meal. We have like some cosmic connection with fish. Ask a Bengali to be without having fish for a week he might find it is absolutely okay to murder you!

Here in Bangalore there are apartment complexes where they don’t allow non vegetarians. Imagine a Bengali trying to get a house for rent over there. Back in 2011 when we were looking for a place for rent we skipped all the properties that were listed with – prefer vegetarians.

My in-laws were visiting us one time and we had gone to Coorg for a quick holiday. For us food is a big part of any holiday. We were staying at a resort which was supposedly a good one over there. During one of the dinners my father in-law wanted to order fish fry. The restaurant in the resort didn’t have any fish fry apparently. They served only seer fish (which is a sea fish, and we are river water fish eating people) and that too only for lunch!

This is something that’s almost unacceptable for a Bengali.

“You don’t even have a fish fry?” asked my father in-law.

“No sir, no fish fry”

What worthless restaurant you are, we all thought inside!


Have you too faced such a situation where you are sentimental about a particular food?

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