Out in the Space

Well no, I have not done a Space tour or visited the ISS. I am not a rollercoaster person at all. I always feel I will fall down and break a leg or smash my head. It’s not that I have a fear of heights but I have a fear of falling down specially from these roller coasters. I was in Disneyland in Paris sometime in 2005 or 2006 and if you have visited a Disneyland you will know it has these wonderful lands – Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and so on.

This Tomorrowland has all sorts of weird rollercoasters. I was being pretty happy with the castles, Tarzan’s tree house, trains and shows. Frankly, one day at the park is too less a time! A friend dragged me to this craziest ride called SPACE MOUNTAIN. I was not too keen on it. But \since everyone was rushing towards it I too joined the queue. You cannot see this ride from outside. All you can do is he people screaming their lungs out. This is a complete covered ride. As I got closer to the entry gates I could see the people of the last ride getting down. Few were puking, few were all red (from all that screaming I guess), few were crying and some looked disillusioned! I told my friend – you go ahead I am leaving the queue – there’s no way I’m doing this to myself willingly!

This is that dreadful ride! Source
He still dragged me and made me sit in that god damn ride!

The ascend itself was at a steep angle and we were taken up to some 5th floor height I think. And after that all I remember is I thought my heart was already outside my body, I am neither hanging or sitting, I couldn’t shut my eyes any tighter and the guy beside me was laughing!!!!

He even told me “open your eyes and see the space”


If I could I would have jumped and hung on to a rope or the scaffolding – practically anything and escape that ride.

I did open my eyes for a split second and I guess a meteor whizzed pass me. The commentary in French behind the seat wasn’t helping me either!

This torture (for me) lasted for how long – I have no idea. I even screamed – “I don’t want to die!”

By the time we were down and the ride stopped I was shaking. The attendant and my friend had to hold and support me to get out of that seat. I didn’t howl or swear at everyone around was the saving grace!

I have been to Disneyland Hong Kong after few years and STEERED CLEAR of everything that remotely even looked similar to that Space Mountain.

Did you have a similar experience at a rollercoaster in an amusement park? Believe me I am scared of the oscillating Pirate Ships too! 

Seriously I didn't even go back to look at my photos. They would have been worse than this!
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