Runaway Bride

Well this isn’t exactly a runaway bride story as you have seen in the movie. One of my very close friend A was getting engaged in Dec 2010. We have been friends for a few years after I met her in my PG accommodation. She’s from Kerala and that’s where she was having her engagement and of-course we were all invited.

A girl trip to Kerala was a very exciting idea. Too exciting and happening to miss out on it. So we booked our tickets and I had already applied for leaves at work. My other friend R called my twice to confirm if I was sure about this. And I said a big YES.

We reached my friend’s house in Kerala early in the morning on the day of the engagement. This was the first time I was witnessing a South Indian Engagement. It was a grand affair but got over pretty soon, very different from our weddings and customs.

Later in the evening we were helping my friend unpack the gifts and have a chat with her mom and relatives. My friend was obviously very happy that we made it there. She told her mom, she never expected me to be present.

“Why” aunty had asked.

“She is getting married in 5 days, and she’s here attending my engagement here!” said my friend in a flash.

“You are getting married in 5 days and you are here???”

Everyone in her family was surprised!

They couldn’t understand how come a bride was missing from her wedding scene 5 days before her marriage! We had a blast touring various places afterwards. The best part was everywhere I went my friends and her parents took extra care than I don’t fall, trip, injure myself. Aunty was caring enough to tell me use a hat don’t get a tan!

For my wedding in Kolkata, everything was getting planned and done by my parents. And I thought its best not to take too much stress. The girl trip was very exciting to miss. I reached Kolkata three days before my wedding. Though my mom wasn’t very happy about the idea of me reaching so late, I conveniently told her it didn’t have much leave!

P.S. My parents or anyone in the family still don’t know about this trip before the wedding!

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