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This for once is not about any travel incident. I was writing the post yesterday and thinking why is that all funny things happen while I travel! Then I thought hard to remember things from school and college. Then I remembered about my statistics paper! God it is a story indeed.

I have always hated maths or anything remotely related to it. I deliberately had chosen to study of media and communication so that there was no mathematics, binary or whatever. I had done my graduation on Sociology but to my surprise we had a paper on statistics in my final year. Can you imagine my horror! Anyways I managed with that.

I had shifted to Bangalore doing my post grad in Media Studies and I was focusing on my studies because the good degree will help in a good job! In my third semester I got to know we were having a statistics paper! Ohh God, not again! Why was this damn statistics not leaving me! We were being taught by this strict old professor from the Department of Stats and he wasn’t pleasant to the eyes or ears!!

For some time I used to think what the hell am I going to do coeffiencts , theorems and chi-squares! (OMF I still remember these). We even had to learn and use software for solving things! Really statistics software!!

I tried really hard not to sleep in the class and get used to doing things. The old man was quite strict but little helpful. Before the final semester exams I was sure I didn’t want to fail. So I sought help. All the girls in my PG were engineers and my roommate was a finance girl. What better place could I get for help!

I borrowed a scientific calculator from one of the girls too. I was still not very confident on the day of the exam. I still remember doing back calculations on the calculator which had a function of formulae!!

When the results were out for the paper, it was hung up in our class notice board. I heard there are two sections in the result sheet. The last significant section was with the names who had to re-appear – they had a back in the paper – basically people who had flunked the test. I ws pretty sure I would be there. But somewhere in the back of my mind I thought maybe not. I had attempted some 88 mark questions. I didn’t even attempt which I couldn’t do. There’s no point in making a fool of oneself and proving to the professor what an idiot you are. It’s not a subjective paper at all!

Three of my friends along with me went to check the notice – one of them was in that famous list. But I didn’t see my name anywhere! This list was not according to the roll number somehow. The other friend slapped on my shoulder and said – “what the hell, you said you didn’t know anything about stats and you scored 85!!!!”

85!!! What?? WTH?? Where???

My name was up on the list at third I guess, where I hadn’t even checked!

I was super happy! But got a lot of frowns from my friends!!

I am still thankful to my friends in PG.

Any thing sounds alien to me now!
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Have you been scared to death about any subject as a student? 

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