Okay tell me how long have you slept in a day? Ever?

After my school final exams I was exhausted, like really exhausted with the last minute studies and back to back exams. I remember our last exam was maths exam (which I completely hated) and I just wanted to go home and eat and sleep and not think about exams for a long time. The pressure of exams in India is a trauma almost.

The math exam didn't go quite well but I didnt want to tell that to my parents - it would have only led to another big discussion and bouts of tension and my mom sulking. So i said - it was good.

I went back home in the evening around five ate my food and told my mom I am going to bed, i want to rest. Like any other good mom, she obliged. She must have thought - my daughter has come back after climbing the Everest, let her get some rest! LOL

Yeah, I slept and slept and slept.

I woke up next day after lunch time!

My mom had tried to wake me up for dinner the previous night, but she told me later I just turned and went back to sleep. The next day for breakfast I said don't disturb!

I almost slept for 20-22 hours in that day and a half!

That by far for me has been the longest snooze time.

Did you ever sleep really long?

My god, the A to  challenge is finally over?? Now I want some more zzz