Is your child catching up on lost growth?

Being a parent is not easy. It’s only after I became a mom I realized I am much more sensitive and emotional than I thought I was. I used to think I was pretty cool and patient but when you are a parent your patience is tried every single minute and so is your nature of worrying over little details of your child.

It’s important that the expecting mother eats well, rests well – everyone tells you that, isn’t it? I was told by a kind doctor one little advice which helped quite a lot. Doing long breathing exercise – no it’s not a prep for delivery. The more oxygen you inhale in, the more oxygen gets into the system of your baby and they put on weight better and faster.

There are many mothers who eat and rest well while expecting still their babies are born underweight. Some babies do catch up on gaining weight pretty soon, but some don’t manage to and are a step behind from reaching their weight and height milestones.

Did You Know?

After birth babies lose some weight and weighs lesser than their birth weight. It’s a natural phenomenon because they lose the excess water from their bodies. They can lose upto 10% of their birthweight in the first few days.

Thus the actual weight gaining mission starts from this lost weight mark.

Once solids are started after 6 months, some babies feed well, some absolutely hate the sight of food. My cousin sisters son didn’t eat anything till a year! I know some worried parents who have been facing this I-won’t-eat challenge for quite some time. When your tots don’t eat properly and they don’t meet the growth milestones on time, it can get pretty worrisome for parents.

You are constantly thinking of ways to feed your child, so that his height and weight is growing well and falling under the WHO growth standards. If they don’t catch up on their lost growth it might give rise to health problems as well as emotional problems for both the parent and the child.

As a parent, I will be worried about his health, his growth, his over-all well-being. But imagine the emotional set back your child might experience when they are in school and get bullied for being short or too thin in his class. What if they are not selected in a sports team because of being underweight!

 My son wasn’t eating properly for some time now. I couldn’t make him eat anything. The only thing he was okay with was milk. Most children are okay with milk when they are flavored, I guess. If your child is between three and nine year old and is not falling under the growth standards you could try the Horlicks Growth+

Check in the calculator if they are falling under the standards.

Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product for children who are lagging behind in height and weight. Whey protein and added nutrients enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children within six months. Children tend to drink flavored milk better than normal milk, the chocolate and vanilla flavors would help in getting the glass wiped clean.

As a parent, all we want is our children to be healthy, normal and happy.