Short Fiction - And then?

My day has finally come

Just a night more and I’ll be in my first office tomorrow morning….”

Samar had a smile on his face and felt nothing could stop him…

He picked up his bags and hailed an auto for the station.

The light wind brushed against his face… it made Samar calm… he felt the big city was awaiting him… just a bit more…....but the loud screeching break brought him out from his day dream.

Careful….Oh my god”, screamed Samar at the auto driver who had collided with a two wheeler.

Samar at once got down to help the lady riding the scooty. She was down on the road when Samar reached her.

“Ohh god, she is bleeding…” he carefully turned her face towards him to examine the injury.

Blood was trickling down her forehead… she lay unconscious in his arms… Samar couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“And then???” a faint sound brought Samar back to reality.

“That is when I first saw your mother… and I missed my train... I stayed back in the town for your mother,” told Samar to his little son remembering the incident that made him meet the love of his life.

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