When life asks you to Restart

Do you sometimes get a feeling – you need to hit the restart button? As in hit the restart button of your life and lifestyle? Yes weird, I know but I do get this feeling. In fact, I have been getting it for quite some time. For a change I thought I’ll pay heed to what my mind and soul was telling me – RESTART.

For some time now I haven’t been keeping well – thanks to a very hectic schedule, loads of travel and wading through traffic – everything has been taking a toll on health. The sedentary lifestyle that we lead, rather that I am compelled to lead resulted in back pain, low hb, low blood pressure and god knows what not. It’s easy to say that we should find time to exercise and all that gyaan but in reality it’s difficult when you leave for office at 7:30AM drive for 18 km each side and get back home at 8:30 pm. After that only two important thing on your mind is food and sleep.

That is when I realized the body was shouting to just stop and block out the stress and hit the restart button. I realized there was an urgent need to get back to basics and throw out the ‘convenient lifestyle’ – if there is anything like that. And get into a path of holistic detox. No I’m not trying to sound all spa-ish and enlightened type of thing.

I’ll share just how I rebooted my system and what changes I can see in myself.

Start your day with Food

When you lead a busy and stressful life you want things quick. You hardly have time. But this is exactly where you need to invest time. Some wise men had said “Health is wealth” it definitely is true. And if you don’t pay heed all that wealth you are accumulating will get into the bulging pockets of hospitals and nowhere else. And you know how hospitals are these days. I’ll keep my experiences with hospitals for a latter post.  

So instead of starting your day with bread butter jam and glutten laden food, packaged food – I started taking fresh cooked food – sometimes the plain poha, roti subji, fresh fruits or egg white omelets with whole wheat bread does the trick. Starting the day with heavy breakfast is a good way to charge up your metabolism. When I was younger and at home my mother always made sure I started the day with a full tummy because she knew my lunch tantrums with tiffin boxes! Mothers are always right! Heavy breakfast helps, remember that!

Keep the Junk in the Junk Yard

Lot of people might disagree with me but really I was trying to heal and detox my body from inside. We need to identify the things that only our tongues like and stomach doesn’t. I completely had cut out caffine and soda from my system. Coffee is was one of my favorite beverages and I loved my lattes and espressos, but it only dehydrates you. I am off coffee completely for a year now and I can see how much less dehydrated I am. All the black shots that I was taking to wipe off the headaches were actually the reason for them!

And yes, soda or cold drink is just not a good friend for your body – specially your teeth and bone. The earlier you realize the better.  I am off soda completely for more than 6 months now and I can live without it without any trouble.

Instead I started taking in lot of water – plain water – it’s not just like that that they say water is life. Lemon water, ginger water, honey water are all good ways of hydrating your body. All that bouts of headache have vanished without medicines. (Yes the doctors gave a huge list of tests and meds for every damn thing I asked).


The next big thing I did was say bye to fast food chains selling chicken fries and burgers and pizzas and what not. I left that for two reasons – I am actually bored of the fries and tacos and burgers & I really don’t want to make my body suffer because of 1 minute of taste indulgence.

Now I order a pizza occasionally, I in fact like baking one myself – and because I know I am making it fresh I am much relieved. There’s actually no alternative for freshly cooked food. I never believed it before and survived on street food/ junk food for a long time. But now I can see the difference in myself. Better metabolism, better digestion and less stomach troubles!

Get closer to nature and natural products

When coming to my hair and skin – I stopped using all sorts of creams, essential oils and all that jazz. Yes they promise a lot of things but don’t deliver. I switched over to fresh aloe, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, natural yogurt and these perform way better than anything else available on market.  


I still don’t get a lot of time to have a full fledged exercise routine but I started doing a lot of breathing exercise whenever I got time – while driving, in shower, while reading. Morning deep breathing has some sort of a thing that really can clean up your mind. It at least does to me.

So going back to basics and getting creative with lifestyle wasn’t too difficult a task. And I can see a lot of positive changes already in the last 7-8 months. I wonder why I had to wait till the mind and soul started signaling! It doesn't take much to create a better life for yourself. 

Do you sometimes feel like doing this? Let me know.

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