#AtoZChallenge 2016 Day 2 - B is Braving the Bumble!

B is Braving the Bumble!

I like wearing freshly laundered and pressed clothes for work and I like ironing my clothes myself. But you know sometimes you are running late and need to iron in a hurry just before you step out.

So on this particular morning, I grabbed my formals which were drying out in the balcony and did quick ironing before I went for my bath.  

Husband was still asleep as his work timings were very different. I wore my trouser and was buttoning up my shirt when I felt a sharp pain on the back of my left knee. This pain was strong and painful enough to get me screaming and jumping half dressed. It woke my sleepy hubby who could only muster “you’re screaming so loud!!”

When I tried to feel the area of pain I could feel something fluttering!

‘What the hell! What was in my pants! A cockroach!!!’

Those few seconds were hell… I hate cockroach.. or anything like that.

Indro came for help. I could feel he was grinning inside with my third eye I guess, and I was in a good mood to give that back but this flustering entity was the bigger problem at that moment. The pants were off in a second. And guess what came flying out – a bee!! A big fat black and yellow bumble bee!!!!

The sight of it was bad enough to get me screaming louder but the pain was worse.

Leg in pain, huge bee flying in the room – it was horror story for me.

I had to go to work, had an important morning meeting but the leg was in bad shape – swollen, red and burning. Damn that bumble bee!! I remembered applying vinegar would bring relief. Don’t know where I had heard that. Indro got the vinegar bottle from the kitchen in a flash and I fetched some cotton from the medicine chest. Just before application the label on the bottle caught my attention. It read Chili Vinegar!!!!

Can you imagine what would have happened?

Some after shave came to rescue and I limped till work later.

One brave bee, I tell you!

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Do you have any experience with a bee or any other insect? Let me know. I’ll wait for your comment.

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